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We designs and manufactures Teak Garden Furniture & Interior Furniture from hardwood and plantation teak in Indonesia. Our innovative R&D team working relentlessly to convert the beauty of nature into strong, comfortable, and durable furniture. We use mainly teak as material due to its workability and durability but we also use other hardwood such as mahogany, mindi or other species as long as their properties meet our customer requirements.



Our product is ranging from adirondack chair, table, cupboard, bookcase, console, bed, stool, sofa and many more. We put our product into two different categories, Teak Garden Furniture and Indoor Furniture. Our Teak Garden Furniture consist of classic style and modern design. While our indoor furniture is mostly available in simple and minimalist design.

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Whether you are furniture importer, agent, wholesaler, retailer or even home owner, we welcome you to get in touch with us. As we have no minimum order quantity, therefore we can serve a wide range of customer even with small order quantity. If you need to design a custom furniture or simply want to re-design your room, house, or mansion, we always available at your disposal 24/7.

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